Trollaskagi & Skagafjordur

Starting from: Siglufjordur
Guiding language: English
Season: All year
Duration: 5-6 hours

Before the towns in this peninsula were connected by tunnels, the last one completed in 2010, much of this area was very isolated. Even today, this peninsula provides an opportunity to experience the untouched beauty of Iceland and life in its remotest parts.

We tailor make private tour itineraries depending on your specific interests and time in port. It is also possible to have guidance in a different language and add on a whale watching tour.

Just send us an email with details of your group size, date and times, and preferences; and we will make sure you have a fantastic day in port.

We will drive north to Siglunes and follow the coastline to Skafgafjordur through several long tunnels and isolated fjords. Enjoy views of the Drangey and Malmey islands, stop for photos and visit the basalt column formations at the Stadarbjargarvik cove near the town of Hofsos.

Since it is a private tour, the exact itinerary can be tailored as per your preference. You can set the pace, stop for less or more time at the sights and for photos along the route.

- Guided tour
- Pick up from and drop off to the dock

To bring:
- Warm clothes, suitable for the weather
- Comfortable walking shoes

And don't forget your camera!