Latrabjarg Cliffs & Raudasandur - Private tour

Starting from: Patreksfjordur
Season: Cruise days
Duration: 6 hours

Enjoy a private tour visiting the red sands at Raudasandur and the Latrabjarg cliffs - a birdwatcher's delight!

- We can tailor make private tour itineraries depending on your interests and the duration.
- Please contact us with details of your group, date and preferences; so we can make sure you have a fantastic day in port.

Special booking provisions for this tour:
- We guarantee a 100% refund for this tour if the cruise ship cancels it's port visit for any reason.
- If your cruise ship's date and/or timings change with the effect that we need to move our departure time accordingly, then you remain booked on the tour as long as we can provide it at the new date/time. We will automatically delay our departure by exactly the same amount of time as the cruise ship delays it's schedule, unless otherwise notified. Should we not be able to move your tour then we will notify you and give a 100% refund.
- Non-cruise ship passengers can also book this tour. Tour pickup is however only available at Isafjordur dock.

For days that are sold out or showing as unavailable: Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to inquire about the possibilities we have on these dates, we can sometimes add more departures.

We visit the red sand beach and the Latrabjrag cliffs on this private tour.
The Raudasandur may have taken its name from the pulverized red scallop shells or the viking settler Armodur 'The Red' Thorbjarnarson. 
The Latrabjarg are Europe's largest bird cliffs and home to puffins, guillemots and razorbills. 

- Guided Boat tour 

To bring:
- Warm clothes
- Don't forget your camera! 

Dress according to weather and err on the warm side, as the weather can change during the tour and we'll be crossing a couple of mountain passes on the way to Dynjandi.