Jokulsarlon Private Tour

Starting from: Djupivogur, Eskifjordur
Season: Cruise days
Duration: 6-7 hours from Djupivogur, 9-11 hours from Eskifjordur

Join our private tour to one of the most famous attractions of Iceland - Jokulsarlon, the glacier lagoon. It is also possible to join a boat tour on the lagoon to get close to the floating icebergs and touch the ice which is thousands of years old.

The drive to Jokulsarlon along the coast offers spectacular views of the Vatnajokull glacier, and passes the charming town of Hofn.

We can tailor make private tour itineraries depending on your interests and the duration.

Please contact us with details of your group, date and preferences; so we can make sure you have a fantastic day in port.

It is a 6-7 hour private tour from Djupivogur or a 9-11 hours tour from Eskifjordur. The drive from from Djúpivogur to Jokusarlon takes 2 hours each way and 3.5 hrs from Eskifjordur. It is possible to take a 40 minute boat ride on the glacier lagoon.

Since this is a private tour the stops are flexible depending on the group's interests and preferences.


- Guided tour to Jokulsarlon


- Boat tour on Jokulsarlon

To bring: 

- Warm clothes
- Good shoes