Heimaey Natural History Bus Tour

Starting from: Heimaey
Season: Cruise days
Duration: 2 hours
Min: 4 pax

A fascinating 2-hour sightseeing bus tour of the beautiful volcanic island. Listen to the history of the Westman islands, learn about and see the after effects of the Eldfell eruption in 1973, walk on the newest land, experience the windiest place in Europe and enjoy the colourful lava landscape.

A journey through the fascinating history of the Westman Islands. Sitting on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Westman Islands are home to an incomparable landscape of volcanoes, lava, and windswept cliffs.
Heimaey were formed during more than one eruption; the oldest parts are nearly 40.000 years old, the volcano Helgafell around 5.000 years and the youngest one – Eldfell – from 1973.
Along the tour you will see ruins of the farmhouse of the first settler of Westman Islands, stand at the windiest place in Europe, drive by the newest volcano Eldfell, drive on newest land and get a small sightseeing tour in the town.

The tour starts and ends in front of Café Kró direct on the small boat harbor in Heimaey.


- Guided bus tour

To bring:

- Warm clothes, preferably including a waterproof jacket and pants
- Good shoes