Eldfell Hiking - Private tour

Starting from: Heimaey
Season: Cruise days
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: 2/5

Climb up to the top of Eldfell for magnificent views over Heimaey and of the surrounding islands, walk on new lava and visit a charming Norwegian stave church.

A lot of uphill walking. Not for people with bad knees or people in bad shape. Good shoes are necessary.

Distance: 5-6 kms

This hiking tour takes you to the top of the volcano Eldfell.
We will walk from the harbor to Skansinn, a charming Norwegian stave church. From Skansinn we walk in the new lava, walk on the edge of the lava boundary with a beautiful view over the town.
After that we walk up the newest volcano Eldfell which was formed in the eruption in 1973.

The tour ends at Café Kró.


- Guided hiking tour on Eldfell volcano

To bring:

- Waterproof & windproof clothing
- Hiking boots