What is Wild Westfjords?

We are an Iceland based travel agency and tour operator and we completely specialise in inbound Iceland travel.

Where is Wild Westfjords located?

In Isafjordur town in the Westfjords, the most remote and wild region of Iceland.

Our travel agency services are mostly performed online, where we plan and book tours and packages for our customers before their arrival in Iceland. We make the planning easy so you can focus on enjoying your time in Iceland!

Why should I book my Westfjords holiday or tour with you?

We offer the kind of local knowledge you can only gain from living in the Westfjords. We know the region in and out, operate various day tours and multi-day tours in the region and have excellent contacts with local suppliers.

The company's founder Halldor grew up in Isafjordur and he designs almost all of our standard Westfjords itineraries. Halldor wants to meet you in person - that's what keeps him going! He is always up for joining for a meal, a drink, or a quick hi in Isafjordur.

Why should I book my Iceland holiday or tour with you?

We have travelled extensively around Iceland on our own and love to discover new places and things to do. Iceland is our favourite destination! About half of our customers let us plan their entire Iceland itinerary, with or without the Westfjords.

And most important, our customers are very happy with us!

How can I book with Wild Westfjords?

Many of our tours can be booked directly through our website. You can always book by sending us an e-mail, where we will either send you international bank transfer information or direct you to an SSL secure credit card payment link. We don't do phone bookings and do not store your credit card details under any circumstances.

Do you accept foreign currencies?

Yes - just send as an e-mail if you prefer to pay in a foreign currency. We accept VISA/Mastercard credit card payments in EUR and USD, and international bank transfers can be accepted in most larger currencies.

Will I be able to contact you once I am in Iceland?

Yes. All customers travelling self-guided get access to an emergency contact number. All customers travelling on guided tours will have access to the guide to resolve any unexpected issues.

How can I get a refund from Wild Westfjords?

If you paid by credit card then we will refund back to the same card you paid with it. If you paid by international bank transfer then we will transfer the money back to your account.

Are international flights included in your prices?

No. We have customers from all over the world, arriving and departing in Iceland at various different times. You can book any flights you like and we'll help take care of your airport transfers and make sure that they fit in with your schedule.

Do you offer commissions and special deals to travel agents?

Yes - contact us for our price list or a Westfjords FAM trip!