Westfjords day tours

We offer a great selection of day tours from our Isafjordur office and various other locations around the Westfjords. Contact us with customised and private day tour requests.

Folafotur Kayaking

Starting from: Ísafjörður
Season: 15th May-15th Sep
Duration: 8 hours

Paddle along the isolated Folafótur peninsula whilst enjoying the wildlife and views of Drangajokull!

Isafjordur Kayaking

Starting from: Ísafjörður
Season: All year
Duration: 2.5 hours

Enjoy the stunning mountain surroundings of Ísafjörður while paddling on the sea "lagoon" of the town.

Kayaking and Hot springs

Starting from: Heydalur
Season: 20th May-31st Aug
Duration: 2 or 5 hours

Kayak to a seal colony and then relax in the natural geothermal springs in Isafjardardjup!

Vigur Island Kayaking

Starting from: Ísafjörður
Season: 16th May-19th Sep
Duration: 7-8 hours

Paddle from the Hvitanes cape with seals & birds and visit the charming Vigur island!