Private: Arctic Lights

Starting from:
Season: All year
Duration: 3 hours
Minimum age: None
Min/Max: 1-14 participants

From painting like midnight sunsets in summer to dreamy northern lights in winter, this private tour takes you to a remote location nearby Isafjordur to let you enjoy the seasonal arctic light phenomenon, framed by the magnificent mountains and seas of the Westfjords.

The Westfjords enjoy 24-hour daylight from around mid May to end of July. During this season the sun does not fully set (instead it dips below the horizon and stays low for a few hours, gradually gliding eastwards), creating amazing light and shadow reflections on the mountains. There are few things more bone-chilling (in a good way!) than the sun setting & gliding across the ocean horizon with towering mountains on each side of the fjord.

Northern lights can be seen from late August to late April. The Westfjords (and northern Iceland in general) are extremely well located on the aurora ring, meaning that you can usually see the northern lights particularly well on a clear night. And much like the sunsets, there is no shortage of stunning backdrops in the fjords for the auroras.

The short shoulder periods of late April to early May and early to mid August offer memorable and striking sunsets as well, with the day changing to night and back in a relatively brief period of time.

Yet this tour is not only about enjoying the magical arctic lights. It's also about getting away from it all to an isolated and remote place in the most pristine of natural environments, where you can listen to little streams trickle down the mountainside, hear the power of the brim and the sounds of chirping birds. We might see abandoned farms, we might run into the lone resident, or we might see no signs of civilisation except a faint jeep trail, or you might see nothing but snow and darkness. Our goal is to get you away from it all - at a time of the day when hardly anyone else is around.


In summer we take you well out of Isafjordur town (which is usually not the best place to enjoy the midnight sun or the northern lights) to a wild and secluded fjord or creek where we can enjoy the magical sunset hour in solitude and serenity. And we hope for a picturesque sunset! We'll stop for a while at our midnight destination so you can fully relax and enjoy your time out in the nature, and take a short walk on your own if you like.

In winter we take you out of town to a location with minimal artificial lighting (somewhere dark!) which offers an ideal viewpoint of the northern lights. Sometimes we have to "hunt" a bit for the lights as clouds can make viewing conditions completely different from fjord to fjord. There is usually less scope for walking in winter but there will be good time to enjoy the auroras and attempt taking pictures (if you like).

The precise location of each tour differs, our guide will take you to his or her favourite place given your objectives and the current conditions.



- Driver guided private tour
- Pickup & dropoff in Isafjordur, or nearby (ask us for other locations)

Please note that due to random cloud conditions neither sunset nor northern light viewing are guaranteed - if we think the conditions are completely unfavourable we will offer you to reschedule or cancel the tour.

To bring:

- Warm clothes and good shoes.
Summer: Expect to feel chillier than during the daytime even with sun exposure, as the sun rays are much weaker at midnight.
Winter: Good northern light conditions tend to come with bone-chilling temperatures, so make sure to dress very warmly.
- Participants must bring their own refreshments. There will be no opportunities to buy food along the way.