Kayaking and Hot springs

Starting from: Heydalur
Season: 20th May-31st Aug
Duration: 2 or 5 hours
Difficulty: The 2h tour is suitable for beginners (1/5)
The 5h tour is suitable for intermediate to advanced kayakers with at least some experience sea kayaking (3/5)
Minimum age: 12 years old
Min: 2 pax

We offer two different versions: A 2 hour trip and a 5 hour trip

2 hour trip, paddling near a seal colony by Latur and then take a tour and visit the wonderful warm and relaxing hot springs of Heydalur. Ideal for beginners. 7000 ISK per person

5 hour trip, paddling from Latur, pass the resting seals and paddle away into Mjoifjordur towards the hot spring in Horgshlid. 20000 ISK per person

Kayak along side the shore of Mjóifjörður, close to a seal colony at the fjord mouth. On the 2h tour, you will return to your departure point by the fjord mouth, while on the longer, 5 hours tour, you will continue into the fjord. At the end of the tour, you can relax in the local natural hot pools. Don't forget your swimwear for this trip! 

Kayak close to the seals, enjoy the landscape of majestic mountains and different bird life and even a possibility to see the whales. 


- Kayaks and all appropriate kayaking gear
- Guide
- Visit to a hot spring pool
- Light snacks are provided on the longer tour

Not included:

- Light snacks are not included on the shorter tour
- Transportation to Mjóifjörður

To bring: 
- Spare clothes.
- Warm clothes to wear while paddling. It is recommended that you wear wool or fleece bottoms and tops underneath the waterproof kayaking clothing.
- A cap
- Sunscreen / after sun cream
- Water bottle
- Swim suit
- Don't forget your camera!