Hornbjarg: King & Queen of Cliffs

Starting from: Ísafjörður
 1st June-31st August
 9-12 hours
Difficulty: 3/5 
Minimum age: 12 years old

Hornvík is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. It is surrounded by two of the three largest bird cliffs in Europe and enjoys a mystic remoteness. When millions of birds shout as loud as they can, one forgets the noise of daily life. It is as far away as it can be and the term silence gets a new meaning.

This hike is for people in moderate to good shape. The hiking distance is about 6 km on rough and partially steep grounds. Exact return time back to Ísafjörður is always uncertain but normally the tour duration does not exceed 12 hours.

- Attendance time for this tour is 30 minutes before the departure time shown in the booking form
- Please read the instructions under the "Preparation" tab to ensure you are properly prepared

Before stepping onto dry land the boat stops for a moment to view the cliffs of Hælavíkurbjarg, a cliff that reaches almost vertically an altitude of 4-500 meters. Stepping ashore on the other side of the bay, you hike up to the top of the Hornbjarg cliffs (537 meters). The arctic foxes are nearby and might appear without notice. Out of the 10-12 hour tour duration, the stay in Hornvík is around 4-6 hours, spent walking and enjoying all the magnificent things that catch your eyes.

The cliffs host about 50 species of sea birds including guillemots, razorbills, eiders, puffins, kittiwakes and fulmars.
And if we're lucky, we might also see the beautiful arctic fox from up close.


- Boat return transportation, in covered passenger ferry
- Hiking guide throughout the tour

Optional add-on:
- Lunchpack

To bring:

- Warm and wind/waterproof clothes
- Solid hiking boots
- Gloves and cap
- Water bottle
- Lunch pack if you don't book one

It is crucial that you either bring self-arranged food or book the lunchpack, and wear proper hiking shoes and warm hiking appropriate wear. Hornvík is open to Arctic winds and there is no temporary shelter available, and it is not possible to buy food anywhere on the tour. On a windy day the boat ride can be bumpy.

We reserve the right to deny boarding to insufficiently prepared participants, whether without food or without proper clothing, for safety reasons.